JB Marine’s underlying strength is its openness, honesty, integrity, and its firm belief in the adage, “My word; my bond”. Old fashioned, maybe, but it still holds true in our company.

We believe this is why we receive such great support from so many suppliers, with solid market information, competitive prices, priority supplies when avails are scarce, advance notice of shortages and port delays, etc. All of which allow us to provide the best possible service for our clients.

Such good business relationships take time to develop. But because we always meet or exceed our clients’ expectations, as well as consistently demonstrate the highest ethical and moral standards, once a company has joined forces with us, they tend to stay. Client loyalty, in turn, means we achieve a strong business performance.

Those we enjoy the most success with – large or small; owners or suppliers – are the companies who trust us to work together to help them (and, in turn, us) to succeed. Trust is the vital lynchpin of the relationship between broker and client.

The way we achieve the best price for our clients comes down principally to trust – that and teamwork. On any deal we cover every appropriate physical supplier, collect prices from everyone and encourage improvements by judging the market and advising suppliers on any better prices we see. So when we bring a client a price, it’s already a good one.

By looking at bunkering as a vital part of a whole process, we can usually achieve more competitive prices and a smoother operation for our clients. In addition, our chartering background allows us to understand fully all the problems and vexations that ship owners encounter, as well as the need for confidentiality on chartering deals.

Where owners are concerned, we prefer to be involved with a ship’s movements as early as possible. Then we can advise the best time and place to make the stem. Shipping is unpredictable by nature, but given sufficient time we can do our best to avoid port delays, rising markets, lack of avails and bad weather, etc; all of which affect the market. This reduces the chances of last-minute stems which can prove costly to the buyer, both in terms of price and product quality.

Having said that, if a last-minute stem is your only option, you can be assured that we will move heaven and earth to get you what you want. And because of our extensive contacts, we stand a better chance than many of achieving what you’re looking for.